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Asian art or Eastern art, includes a great variety of influences from different cultures and religions. The development Asian art is historically parallel to that in the West. In particular, Chinese art, Indian art, Japanese art & Korean art each had a significant influence on, and were influenced by Western art.

Buy Asian Art Online

The art in this gallery is all created by leading Thai contemporary artists and the original art is for sale. If you are interested please contact us and email the art you like. If you appreciate the style of a particular artist we can have your own custom art created.

Buddhist Thai Art Gallery

The art featured in this gallery is a selection of original Thai contemporary Buddhis art that we have available for sale in our online shop.

Traditional Chinese Art Gallery

If you are interested to purchase one of these original works of Chinese art please contact us.

Amazing Asian Artists

Discover amazing artists from Asia and learn about ther work and see galleries of some of their best art. As we tour Bangkok, which is fast becoming the centre of Asian art, we introduce to you some Amazing Asian Artists!

History of Asian Art

Historically Asian art or Eastern art, has had an extensive range of influences from the various cultures and religions of Asia. Historical progressions of Asian art was typically coextensive to those in Western art, but in general occured a few centuries earlier on.

Discover Asian Art

Art galleries, exhibitions and places of interest from around the world. Take a tour with us as we discover and showcase the best and funkiest places in Bangkok where you will discover Amazing Asian Art!

Sell My Art Online

The online art market is growing rapidly and we are offering you the chance to sell your art on our website and through the contacts we have. Asia Dragon is the UK's number one Asian style onlie department store specialising in quality, unique asian home furnishings. Contact us if you wish to sell your original or art prints with Asia Dragon.

Learn About Asian Art

There is a lot of information about Asian art and here we provide some great information about creating Asian art, Asian art news and other websites that have good general information about the subject.

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