Amazing Asian Artists

Discover amazing artists from Asia and learn about ther work and see galleries of some of their best art. As we tour Bangkok, which is fast becoming the centre of Asian art, we introduce to you some Amazing Asian Artists!

Jakkrit Chewapanya (Popkapi) is a renowned Thai contemporary artist. He is a multi-active, multi-passionate and multi-talented and now famous in Thailand and Asia by his artist name Popkapi. He draws inspiration from folk culture, Thai culture and animals. And the style is somewhat abstract but definately vibrant popart. |

ZHUANG HONG YI 庄红艺 ia a Chinese, contemporary artist who has impressed audiences in different countries by his unique style in his many pieces of modern art. His works represent beauty, sophistication and a high level of perfection with a clear presence of Chinese influence represented in his use of colors, themes, shapes and materials that touch the heart. |

Chang Lei 常磊  series of oil paintings, The Sanguinary Shadows of Chinese Civilization, depicts traditional Chinese cultural figures, objects and sites, infused with splashes of bright and dark colours. Among the images painted by Chang are the Great Wall, ancient Chinese ceramics, Decree with Terracotta Warrior, Chinese opera figures and deities, and famous historical characters. |

Din Borin is a well known Khmer artist. From sketching in the soil to painting on giant canvases, self-taught artist Din Borin is now displaying his talents after opening his own gallery. Din Art Gallery is located in Phnom Penh and his signature Apsara images are widely known within Cambodia along with Europe, the USA and Australia. | |

Hong Kong artists represented by NGOOB Gallery |

Asian Artist Gallery

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Artist Gallery | Cha Young Seok




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