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Oriental Chinese, Japanese & Thai Gardens

The Chinese garden (中國園林 Zhōngguó yuánlín)

It is a landscape garden style which has evolved and matured over the last 3,000 years. Chinese gardens are inspired by inland landscapes, particularly lakes and mountains. Chinese gardens are created to recreate and miniaturise larger natural landscapes. Traditionally, Chinese gardens blend unique, ornate buildings with natural elements. The classic Chinese garden is enclosed by walls and features one or more ponds, rockeries, trees, shrubs and flowers. Read more....

The Japanese Garden (日本庭園 nihon teien)

Japanese gardens are traditional gardens with designs influenced by Japanese aesthetic and philosophical ideas. They avoid artificial ornamentation and focus on the natural landscape. Plants, shrubs and trees are used in conjunction with timeworn materials to suggest a distant, ancient and natural landscape. They express the delicacy of existence along with the unstoppable advance of time. Read more....

Oriental garden design & creation

Asia Dragon can help you with your dreams to create a superb Oriental garden, wether it be Chinese, Japanese or Thai style. To find out more contact us.

Gardening resources

We have listed some gear websites that provide information and sell products ideal for the Oriental garden. Read more....




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