Benjarong Gold Porcelain

Benjarong (Thai เบญจรงค์) ware is a type of beautiful painted porcelain from Thailand. The name literally means 'five colours' and our collections of Benjarong are elegantly embellished in pure gold. The decoration is done in repetitive forms and is usually geometric or flower-based.

Benjaron Ceramics

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Enamel colors are applied by hand and then overglazed, creating a charming swelling effect over the surface of each piece. The design is named after the decoration base name and a background color (for example, Phum Kao Bin on dark blue). The production process is incredibly labour-intensive as each color is applied individually by an artist and the piece is kiln fired after the application of each colour. The long firing process brightens the colors of the finished piece and adds to the final beauty. The piece is then carefully embellished in 18 carat gold and lovingly polished to create a truly wonderful, tactile piece of decorative tableware or ornamantal art.


Benjarong origins go back to the Ming dynasty of China. During the reign of Xuande Emperor (1425-1435 A.D.) Benjarong was invented in the Zhejiang province. But, it only started to be popular during the reign of Chenghua Emperor (1464-1487 A.D.). Around 600 years ago, a princess from China married into the Siam dynasty and she brought Benjarong back with her to Siam (nowadays Thailand). At that time Benjarong porcelain was created only for the Emperor of China’s use. But, from that time Benjarong was then supplied from China to the kings of Siam for several generations.

Siam began to make porcelain after they discovered Kaolin clay which is one of the main materials of Benjarong. Benjarong was first made in Thailand was during reign of King Rama V. He also allowed it to be used by his aristocracy and influential merchants. Today, Benjarong is available to all who want to buy due to King Rama IX’s permission.




Benjarong is made only in small communities of Thai artists with the knowledge being passed down through generations. They are extremely skilled and careful. The patterns are hand-painted, are glamorous and are masterpieces. Only flawless white porcelain pieces, fired at the correct temperature, are selected. For the drawing a hypodermic syringe or paint brush is used to draw circular guide lines with the aid of a manually controlled turning wheel. The pattern drawings are then drawn using a fine brush or syringe by the most experienced artists to ensure the very best patterns.

In the painting process usually five colours are used - Black, green, yellow, red and white. The special paint is made from mineral colours and must be well crushed and mixed with water in the correct ratio. At the final stage of painting, the 18 karat gold is added for additional glamour. The next step is kiln firing at 800 to 1000◦C and takes about 10 hours - This must be done five times for the perfect result. Once fired, Benjarong has a tactile three dimensional finish, which is the reason why Benjarong is so unique.


Don Kai Dee Benjarong Village

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