Chinese Black Table Lamp

Chinese Black Table Lamp

Brand: Mandarin
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Single table lamp depicting a typical Chinese garden scene featuring Chinese ladies, this stunning piece has beautiful detail and finishing. It is highly decorated with exquisite gold handpainted detailing with hand-carved Mother of Pearl figures and carvings applied to the surface. Finished with several layers of natural lacquer to create a deep black lustre.

  • 40cm wooden lamp base

The bulb used for this lamp is Standard ES Screw. Maximum 40w. For best effect we recommend using 20-30w golf ball or candle style lamp.

This video provides a fascinating insight into the birth and development of Chinese porcelain and how it has changed the world today. Although our Chinese porcelain table lamps are produced in a slightly more modern way, they are still hand-made and the designs still feature those from the ancient dynasties of China.

During the course of civilisation the invention of pottery made from clay was an event that occurred among many ancient peoples all over the world. The invention of porcelain however was unique to the Chinese and the birth of porcelain changed the appearance of pottery forever. Aside from its mysterious shine resembling that of crystal minerals porcelain imbued pottery with a dream like sole of great beauty. How did ancient Chinese people accomplish this? And how did they push the beauty of porcelain to its limits. The feudal history of China lasted more than 2000 years. To exhibit the supreme power of the emperors the leaders of all the Chinese dynasties spared no effort or expense to obtain all possibilities under heaven and to satisfy their greed individuals bringing precious gifts as items of tribute streamed in and out of the royal palaces while local officials busied themselves gathering the most talented craftsmen. All possible resources were channeled to facilitate the creation of exquisite, one of a kind items, simply for the pleasure of the ruler. Extremely valuable porcelain ware was no exception and was finding its way into the royal collections.




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