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Bespoke Furniture Service

Bespoke Furniture Service

We offer our bespoke furniture service to customers throughout the UK. We can create a piece that’s tailored to suit your personal tastes and design requirements. No matter what type of furniture you might wish to create. Our design team will work with you, to come up with a design that you will appreciate. Your bespoke furniture will be handmade to order meaning you can adjust the dimensions and design to meet your needs. We are always open to creating new and innovative bespoke furniture designs.

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    We can create a piece that’s tailored to suit your personal tastes and design requirements but please beforehand consider the level of customisation required and our terms and conditions of service.

    Level 1

    The simplest form is when you make slight changes to a standard Artisan Wooden FurnitureArtisan Painted Furniture or Artisan Upholstered Furniture item. For example, you may request a different type of knob, a change in the finish of the wood, or replace the existing fabric for a new fabric. In these instances, the design rights to this product will remain with Artisan Furniture and you will be expected to take delivery of the stock immediately when it arrives in the UK.

    Level 2

    The second type is when you send a completely new design drawing to us and we then see if it is possible to create your design in wood. We would expect the drawing to be substantially different to any of our existing designs. Once we have agreed, the design rights will belong to the customer and they will have exclusive rights to this product.

    Terms & Conditions of this service

    Delivery timeline

    Standard delivery timeline is 8-12 weeks onwards and entirely depends on the complexity of the order.

    Price on request

    Price on request and this might marginally vary once the final product is ready (+/- 5%).

    Sketch on request

    Disclaimer! Upon request, we are happy to provide with a sketch. However, please note that the sketch dimensions are approximate in nature and the actual product dimensions may vary at the time of actual making of the product by the artisans. The dimensions mentioned on the sketch are for guidance purpose only.

    Product specifications

    All product specifications must be clearly shared with our design team.


    We do not accept cancellation, refund, altercation or replacement of bespoke products at any cost.


    All bespoke orders must be secured by a non refundable 50% deposit.

    Picture approval

    We will share pictures prior to delivery.

    Payment before delivery

    Full balance needs to be paid before delivery is executed. Failure to do so will result in forfeiting of the deposit.




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