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Indian Sikar Furniture ~ Traditional Design from India with a Contemporary Twist

The Sikar Indian furniture range is built from sustainable sheesham hardwood and is fairly traded being obtained from a reputable cabinet making specialist in India. The traditional warm tones of this timer, otherwise known as Indian Rosewood, are given a subtle contemporary design twist to produce furniture that is instantly at home in any room. It has unique subtle wood grain contrasts and is finished in a honey colour with a protective lacquer and natural wax.

Sikar Bookcase
Bookcase with one drawer and three shelves. This fairly traded bookcase is built from, susta..
Sikar Bookcase
Large bookcase with four shelves and two drawers at the base. This fairly traded bookcase is..
Sikar Bookcase
Bookcase or display shelving with four shelves and slatted design. This fairly traded shelf ..
Sikar Cabinet
Bedside or end cabinet with drawer and two doors. This fairly traded furniture item is built..
Sikar Cabinet
Small cabinet with one drawer and shelf. This fairly traded cabinet is built from, sustainab..
Sikar Chest of 6 Drawers
Chest with two over four drawers. This fairly traded chest is built from, sustainably source..
Sikar Console Table
Console table with two drawers and slatted magazine shelf. This fairly traded table is built..
Sikar Corner TV Unit
TV cabinet with one shelf and two doors. This fairly traded furniture item is built from, su..
Sikar Cylindrical Chest
Mandor cylindrical chest with four drawers. This fairly traded chest is built from, sustaina..
Sikar Dining Chair
This fairly traded chair is built from, sustainably sourced, solid and tough Indian sheesham wood..
Sikar Dining Table
Four to six seat dining table. This fairly traded furniture item is built from, sustainably ..
Sikar Sideboard
Large sideboard with three drawers in the centre with two cupboards on either side. This fai..
Sikar Sideboard
Sideboard with two drawers and two drawers. This fairly traded cabinet is built from, sustai..
Sikar Table Nest
Nest of three tables with curved legs. This fairly traded table set is built from, sustainab..
Sikar TV Unit
TV media unit with one shelf and two storage drawers. This fairly traded cabinet is built fr..

Sheesham Hardwood

Sheesham TreeWhat is sheesham?

Sheesham wood, also recognised as Indian rosewood or dalbergia sisso is the timber of a deciduous tree indigenous to the Indian Subcontinent.

Succeeding teak, it is the most important cultivated timber tree from the Punjab region, which is the largest producer of Sheesham timber in India and Pakistan. Apart from timber supply, the tree is cultivated along roadsides and canals which brings a welcome, natural shade for tea plantations. It is also often planted in southern Indian cities such as Bangalore as a street tree. With its high tolerance of cold weather and long, hot dry seasons, this species is ideal for sustainable forestry, agroforestry and deciduous reforestation.

Sheesham is kiln dried before being utilised in furniture making and this process is commonly known as seasoning. Locally to where it is grown sheesham timber is kept outside to dry up under the sun for around 6 months. Commercially sheesham is often seasoned in kilns with hot air circulation for about 7 days to 15 days for optimal seasoning.

Why is sheesham wood favourable for furniture making?

Sheesham hardwood wood features an alluring irregular grain formation which is most distinctive in appearance and can be polished to an elegant and durable finish. The wood itself is robust and durable, maintaining its original form during handling and construction. These properties make it an ideal material for cabinet making.

We work closely with our suppliers specialising in Sheesham wood furniture. Timbers are sustainably obtained via managed plantations. The wood is carefully kiln-dried and treated to protect its future stability before production starts. Our furniture is built from both the dark heartwood and the lighter-coloured sapwood of the tree. A stain is carefully applied to obtain the desired tone before hand waxing to enhance the beautiful grain. As this furniture is hand finished from an entirely natural product, variations in knots and grains will be evident making each piece, charmingly, characteristically unique.




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