Metro Acacia Furniture ~ Simple Indian Design with Longevity

Our Metro solid acacia Indian hardwood furniture is robust and comes lightly finished showing the natural grain of the acacia timbers  - Buy online in UK


Metro Acacia Bench
Metro Acacia Bench Width 150cm. Depth 35cm. Height 45cm. ..
Metro Acacia Coffee Table
Coffee table with shelf. Width 100cm. Depth 60cm. Height 42cm. ..
Metro Acacia Console Table
Metro Acacia Console Table Width 110cm. Depth 40cm. Height 77cm. ..
Metro Acacia Dining Chair
Metro Acacia Dining Chair Width 45cm. Depth 45cm. Height 105cm. ..
Metro Acacia End Table
End table with shelf and drawer. Width 55cm. Depth 55cm. Height 60cm. ..
Metro Acacia Large Dining Table
Large dining table for six people. Width 200cm. Depth 100cm. Height 78cm. ..
Metro Acacia Plasma Unit
Plasma unit with shelf. Width 115cm. Depth 55cm. Height 55cm. ..
Metro Acacia Plasma Unit Open
Three shelves plasma unit. Width 120cm. Depth 50cm. Height 55cm. ..
Metro Acacia Sideboard
Sideboard with two doors and two drawers. Width 115cm. Depth 45cm. Height 86cm. ..
Metro Acacia Sideboard Large
Sideboard with three doors and three drawers. Width 150cm. Depth 45cm. Height 86cm. ..
Metro Acacia Small Bookcase
Small bookcase with three shelves. Width 80cm. Depth 30cm. Height 120cm. ..
Metro Acacia Small Dining Table
Metro Acacia Small Dining Table Width 140cm. Depth 100cm. Height 78cm. ..
Metro Acacia Tall Bookcase
Tall bookcase with five shelves. Width 100cm. Depth 30cm. Height 195cm. ..




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