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Mango Hardwood

Mango TreeWhat is mango?

Mango wood is the timber of the deciduous tree mangifera indica which is indigenous to tropical Asia and Oceania. Known much more widely for its delicious fruit, mango trees also yield beautiful and valuable lumber. The wood is considered very eco-friendly, as some mango plantations harvest the trees for lumber after they have completed their useful fruit-bearing lifespan.

Mango wood is one of the most popular wood types in the UK and is often viewed as a greener alternative to some other woods used in furniture manufacturing.

Why is mango wood favourable for furniture making?

Mango hardwood wood features an alluring irregular grain formation which is most distinctive in appearance and can be polished to an elegant and durable finish. The wood itself is robust and durable, maintaining its original form during handling and construction. These properties make it an ideal material for cabinet making. Because of the spalting that is commonly present, the wood can be a kaleidoscope of colors. Under normal circumstances, the heart is a golden brown, while other colors such as yellow and streaks of pink and black can also occur. Curly or mottled grain patterns are also normal.

We work closely with our suppliers specialising in mango wood furniture. Timbers are sustainably obtained from managed plantations. It is is excellent for making furniture, provided it is properly seasoned in salt water and kiln dried. The wood is kiln-dried and treated to protect its future stability before production starts. A stain is carefully applied to obtain the desired tone before hand waxing to enhance the beautiful grain. As this furniture is hand finished from an entirely natural product, variations in knots and grains will be evident making each piece, charmingly, characteristically unique.




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