Rod Fai Market - Bangkok

This place is s market like no other. Talad Rod Fai (Train Market - ตลาดรถไฟ) night market is situated in an abandoned railway station owned by the government of Thailand.

Talad Rod FaiThis retro shopping village is a haven for retro vintage lovers. It is a very different kind of shopping experience for anyone who is bored of the everyday street markets.  

There’s a shopping area with shops clustered together, many quite bright and clean. But, more exciting than this area, you can go straight to the bars and more exciting night market area.

After reaching the end of the normal everyday market, there is a brightly lit building on the far left. That’s the warehouse that contains all the beautiful artifacts from the past. Through just one little alley away, an entirely different world appeares. Showcasing and selling vintage furniture and things – Gramophones, typewriters, furniture, household wares, toys, electronics, signs, war memorabilia plus all kinds of collectibles.

The whole town is such an amazing place to be in – the colours and sights at the night market section, the kampung laid back vibe from the vintage zone, plus an audience waving and singing on the top of their voices along with the live band.

Here, the majority of people there are Thais, so you can truly experience the local culture - A cultural place of art, design and music.

We have a regional office here in Bangkok. If you are looking for an unusual retro arifact then please contact us - We maybe able to help you!

Talad Rod FaiTalad Rod FaiTalad Rod Fai

Talad Rod FaiTalad Rod FaiTalad Rod Fai

Talad Rod FaiTalad Rod FaiTalad Rod Fai

Talad Rod FaiTalad Rod FaiTalad Rod Fai

Talad Rod FaiTalad Rod FaiTalad Rod Fai

Opening Hours: 17:00 - midnight (Thurs-Sun) Location: Srinakarin Road Soi 51 (behind Seacon Square) BTS: On Nut (closest station but still requires a taxi journey)




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