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Traditional Wooden Furniture | Antique Reproduction Classics for the Home

Traditional wood furniture and colonial style furniture for your home or conservatory from around the world - Crafted from selected solid hardwoods which have been obtained from well managed, sustainable forests.

Our collections feature basic and practical pieces made from oak or pine to more traditional and elaborate European antique style collections made from solid mahogany or walnut. We also have several collections of the very popular and beautiful white painted furniture along with ranges of reproduction traditional oak furniture. All ranges are built from solid tmbers that have been sourced from sustaiable forests. These collections are made from 100% solid timbers, thick and robust, using traditional carpentary techniques,  Buy online - UK stock - Quick Delivery.


Traditional Reproduction & Colonial Furniture Style

Traditional wood furniture still features many of the designs of a bygone era but is often updated to suit the modern lifestyle with additional practical features and more resilient lacquer finishes.

Home Fashion Trends

With traditional furniture design, people do not need to worry about changing fashions and trends so much as the 'traditional look' is always in vogue. Traditional style furniture will usually make homes feel warmer and more welcoming. It's more ornate features, design details and patterning will add a touch of luxury too. The luxury look will never go out of vogue and for those who want the best of both worlds, a classic piece of traditional antique furniture will often fit in with and enhance the modern room setting.

Making the right choice

Choosing the right kind of home furniture is often quite challenging. Generally speaking, it is best to choose a style which complements your home's overall style. A combination of several styles, like mixing and matching traditional with contemporary can lead to amazing results if done very carefully. There are many interior designers and home-style websites which give great advice.


For modern reproduction furniture manufacturing the basic joinery methods have not changed so much but the manufacturing techniques have with a much wider use of computer controlled machinery which allows for pin-point accuracy at a lower cost.

Wood is the original and most obvious choice of material for construction, being readily available, durable, easy to machine and having beautiful colours and grains. Hardwoods are generally much more suited for furniture construction and if cared for will last for many years. Popular timbers include oak, walnut, elm, ash and mahogany. A very popular softwood option is pine, which looks great, is durable and cost effective.


There are many differing styles and themes for traditional furniture, along with nation country styles and fashionable styles which have emerged from historical periods in time. The choice is immense and the possibilities are endless.

Colonial Style Furniture

The British Empire once encompassed parts of Asia, Africa, America and the South Pacific. The Bristish travellers discovered many contrasting cultures and design influences, today, integrated into what is frequently referred to as British colonial style. This look, with its travel inspiration, is a style increasing in popularity and it's not difficult to create.

Colour choice is an important element for colonial interiors as the lighter colours assisted in keeping rooms cool in the tropical heat. Using white, creams, blues and pale greens, with darker wooden colonial furniture provides a stunning contrast. The furniture design has its roots in the Victorian styles of the 1800's, but were influenced and modified to incorporate bamboo, rattan and leather with inspiration taken from tropical fruits. This colonial look can be reproduced with chests, cabinets, cupboards and cane chairs made from teak, mahogany, walnut and other tropical hardwoods.

TreeTimber Information

Timbers - We use a variety of the best quality timbers in the construction of our traditional furniture collections. Each timber is carefully selected from sustainable and managed sources in Europe & Asia. All timbers are solid and we manufacture using oak, pine, walnut, mahogany, elm and mango.

Caring for your furniture - Wood is a natural material and reacts to the environment it is in, do not place in direct sunlight or positions exposed to extremes of heat or humidity. To care for your furniture we recommend using a clear wax furniture polish; spills should be wiped up immediately, scratches or marks can be covered using a brown wax polish. Caring for your furniture will ensure lasting pleasure for many years to come.

EU Timber Regulation - In March 2013 the requirements of the EU Timber Regulation came into force. This legislation prohibits the sale of timber on the EU market if it has been illegally obtained or harvested. To achieve this, it has set out measures which those trading timber within the EU must put in place to minimise the risk of illegal timber being sold. We have checked, and are confident that all of our suppliers comply with this legislation.

TreeOak Hardwood

What is oak?

An oak tree belongs the genus Quercus. There are around 600 existing species of oaks. Oak is native to the northern hemisphere, and incorporates deciduous and evergreen species thriving in cool to tropical climates in the Americas, Asia, China, Europe and North Africa.

Oak is a highly favoured hardwood because it is attractive, dense and very hard wearing, providing strength and reliability. It has alluring open wood grain markings with pleasing colour tones. Oak has two predominant shades; white oak, which is grey/brown in colour or red oak which is akin but with a prominent reddish tint.

Why is oak so popular for cabinet making?

For centuries oak been used in the construction of fine solid oak furniture because of these unique features. Solid oak furniture should always be built to traditional high standards. Using these techniques that are centuries old, proficient craftsmen can make oak furniture which is naturally beautiful, robust and hard wearing.

The delightful grain of the solid oak timber can be intensified by the design of the oak furniture itself to display the oak wood at its optimal, natural best. It should be finished with natural furniture wax.

TreeWalnut Hardwood

What is walnut?

Walnut wood is obtained from the walnut tree - Otherwise known as 'Juglans'. It is capable of growing up to 40 metres high. There are 21 species, with the greater number now grown in North and South America. English walnut and black walnut are the most frequently used types for furniture making.

Walnut is a highly popular timber and has been used in the past as gun stocks and even as a herb in Chinese medicine. Also the nuts from walnut trees are edible and are globally popular. The shells are used for cleaning metals, fibreglass, plastics, wood and stone amognst many other things.

Why is walnut great for furniture making?

Nowadays, walnut is used widely in new cabinet making as well as being popular by antique furniture collectors. Walnut is a lovely dark and rich wood, providing a warm and luxurious feeling to any interior decor scheme. Walnut is a hardwood with a neat, straight grain and is available in a range of shades to provide for all requirements.

Walnut is less dense than oak and is in high demand from furniture makers because it will keep its shape when intricately carved. Walnut furniture is often crafted using walnut veneers, due to the expense of solid walnut hardwood. Quality walnut veneers with tight grains produce exceptionally attractive furniture that can be to a very special, smooth finish.

TreeMahogany Hardwood

What is mahogang?

Mahogany is a type of wood obtained from one of three tropical hardwood species of the genus Swietenia - Indigenous to the Americas. It features a straight-grained, reddish-brown timber with exceptional beauty.

Mahogany is a commercially important timber cherished for its beauty, durability and colour palette. It is widely used for paneling and cabinet making, boats and musical instruments.

Why does mahogany make fine furniture?

Mahogany has a sleek, straight, fine and even grain. It is quite free of imperfections such as voids and pockets.The beautiful reddish-brown colour deepens over time, and exhibits a deep reddish sheen when polished. It has superb workability as well as being extremely durable.

TreeMango Hardwood

What is mango?

Mangifera indica, otherwise known as mango or fruitwood, is a species of flowering tree belonging to the sumac and poison ivy family Anacardiaceae.

It is found in the forests of India, Bangladesh and Pakistan where it is indigenous. In the last two millenia cultivated varieties have been introduced to other warm climate countries of the world. This tree is quite large and is capable of a growing to a height and crown diameter of about 30 metres and trunk circumference of around 4 metres.

The tree is more widely known for its delicious fruit rather than for its timber. However, once a mango tree has ended its fruit bearing years it is ready to be converted to lumber.

Why is mango so popular for cabinet making?

Mango is extremely popular in the United Kingdom and is often viewed as a greener alternative to other timbers because they grow very quickly. Mango furniture offers a beautiful colour and lustre and will look good in any contemporary or traditional home decor scheme.

Bespoke Furniture Service

Bespoke Furniture Service

We offer our bespoke furniture service to customers throughout the UK. We can create a piece that’s tailored to suit your personal tastes and design requirements. No matter what type of furniture you might wish to create. Our design team will work with you, to come up with a design that you will appreciate. Your bespoke furniture will be handmade to order meaning you can adjust the dimensions and design to meet your needs. We are always open to creating new and innovative bespoke furniture designs.

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