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Alamo Rough Sawn Furniture | Farmhouse Style with a Modern Twist

Alamo Oak Furniture Roomset

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This collection of skilfully crafted rough sawn living and dining furniture exudes traditional farmhouse style with a contemporary twist. - Buy online - UK stock - Quick delivery. With the warmth, durability and timeless great looks of solid oak, this is furniture that will last a lifetime. Thick, plank-style tops, chunky square legs and distinctive saw and grinder marks give it a rustic antique appeal. Highly practical and robust makes this range a desirable choice for contemporary living.

Alamo Extended Dining Table
Rough Sawn Extended Dining Table. Reassuringly chunky, with sturdy squared-off legs ..
Alamo Rough Sawn Coffee Table
Rough Sawn Large Coffee Table. Finished with a matt lacquer that showca..
Alamo Rough Sawn Coffee Table
Rough Sawn Coffee Table With Drawers. Standing firm on chunky square legs, it also o..
Alamo Rough Sawn Console Table
Rough Sawn Console Table.   Anything you need to stow away out of sight can go i..
Alamo Rough Sawn Dining Bench
Rough Sawn  Dining Bench. Alba Rough Sawn Dining Bench Standing firm on chunky ..
Alamo Rough Sawn Dining Chair
Rough Sawn Dining Chair. This beautifully crafted chair features a slightly angled l..
Alamo Rough Sawn Display Unit
Rough Sawn Ladder Display Unit. Expertly crafted from solid oak and some veneers, its sle..
Alamo Rough Sawn Lamp Table
Rough Sawn Lamp Table With Drawer. Expertly crafted from solid oak and veneers, it h..
Alamo Rough Sawn Large Sideboard
Rough Sawn Large Sideboard 3 Drawer 4 Door Three drawers with cup handles provide pl..
Alamo Rough Sawn Mirror
Rough Sawn Mirror. The sleek lines and rough saw and grinder marks on the frame of this g..
Alamo Rough Sawn Nest Of 2 Tables
Rough Sawn Nest Of 2 Tables. Alba rough sawn nest Of 2 tables crafted from solid oak and oak ..
Alamo Rough Sawn Plasma TV Unit
Rough Sawn Plasma TV Unit With Two Drawers. Chunky planked top for a widescreen TV, and space..
Alamo Rough Sawn Shoe Bench
Rough Sawn Shoe Bench Solidly made from oak, and standing on thick, square legs, it has t..
Alamo Rough Sawn Side Table
Rough Sawn Side Table.   Finished with a matt lacquer that brings out the r..
Alamo Rough Sawn Sideboard
Rough Sawn 2 Drawer 2 Door Sideboard. Rough Sawn oak sideboard doesn't skimp on storage space..
Alamo Rough Sawn Tall Bookcase
Rough Sawn Tall Bookcase. Crafted from oak and oak veneers and finished with a matt lacqu..
Alamo Rough Sawn TV Unit
Rough Sawn TV Unit With Drawers. Starring the warmth and beauty of oak, ably supported by aut..




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